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300 Click for offerMr. Cuomo described the year as a fleeting political opportunity to deliver on long-awaited promises. “We have a moment in time to change the state,” he said. “We’re concerned that these two British-Australian nationals may have been subjected to serious human rights violations, including denial of access to a lawyer and even torture or other ill-treatment,” she said in a statement, and she urged the British government to take action.

• It was another instance of erratic behavior by the president in recent days, which unnamed former administration officials worry reflects rising pressure on Mr. Trump as the economy falters, according to the NYT. “While these issues are important for market functioning and market participants, they have no implications for the economy or the stance of monetary policy,” the Fed chair, Jerome H. Powell, said a news conference on Wednesday.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe music has more than a hint -- to me, at least -- of Right Said Fred's seminal work "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt." In Mr. Trump’s view, the clock is ticking: He needs some big victories between now and the election in November 2020. But he also wants to prove that his idiosyncratic approach to foreign policy — as a series of deals rather than a philosophy of how American hard and soft power is deployed — can produce results that have eluded Washington’s foreign policy establishment for a decade or more.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYPeople who do contract measles often seek medical care at hospitals, where they can potentially transmit the illness to other patients, especially those with compromised immune systems. Infants typically do not receive measles vaccinations until they are about 1 year old and therefore are highly vulnerable. Some older people are also at high risk, as are patients who take medication that affects the immune system, like those being treated for arthritis. “Last year was kind of addicting,” first baseman Eric Thames said. “It was a high. The fans were so loud, the stadium was shaking. It was a feeling you can’t ever dream up until you’re actually in it. Now we have that taste, and we want to get back to that.”

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The church has ministries that fight climate change, support immigrants seeking asylum in the United States and help former prisoners after incarceration. It has also issued many “faith-based proclamations,” including one declaring the church’s embrace of the L.G.B.T.Q. community. (“Our sexuality,” it said, “is a gift from God.”) MAYANS M.C. 10 p.m. on FX. Spoiler alert! In the first season of this “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff, about a biker gang on the United States-Mexico border, E.Z. (J.D. Pardo) chose to stay with the group, ticking off his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) in the process. In Season 2, E.Z. is still a prospect, but he’s earned more respect. Even so, he remains unsure whether he can keep one foot in the club and the other in his past life.

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Laura Lyons of Orinda, California told the San Jose Mercury News that her smart home security camera was infiltrated after it said on Sunday that three North Korean missiles were headed to Los Angeles, Chicago and Ohio. The warning was preceded by a blaring alarm, Lyons told the newspaper. British democracy is, in certain ways, less directly democratic than other Western systems. It puts less power in the hands of voters and party grass roots, and more in the hands of party officials and institutional gatekeepers.

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Age: 47 A majority of Americans have long opposed impeaching President Trump. Whether that will change, and what happens if it doesn’t, are some of many factors that will shape the political consequences for both parties.

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“Just for that, the Olympics story is really good,” she said. “In the end, it shows that the way we do things at the moment has terrible consequences for society, in terms of the negative health impacts and obviously impacts to climate change. As an inducement, Orsted has offered East Hampton .2 million for community development projects if the Wainscott site is approved.

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