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300 Click for offerThat day, the temperature rose to 86 degrees. When the twins were found, their body temperature was 108 degrees; their organs had failed after several hours strapped inside the sedan, according to the medical examiner. “This is a classic example of government engineering a crisis and then presenting an impossibly bureaucratic solution to it on the backs of taxpayers,” the party chairman, Gerard Kassar, said in a statement.

In China, a variety of macroeconomic indicators published overnight showed that its economy continues to lose steam as the trade war drags on. Chinese industrial production slowed more than expected, falling to 4.8 percent in July, the lowest level since 2002. Investment growth and retail sales also slowed. DACA supporters have criticized the administration’s position that “the law is making us do it” on the ground that the administration is seeking to evade responsibility for a decision that while perhaps popular with the president’s base, is likely to be unpopular with the country as a whole once mass deportations of DACA recipients begin. During last week’s argument, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflected that sentiment. In a colloquy with Solicitor General Noel Francisco, she suggested that the administration had run out of options for avoiding ownership of the DACA rescission and that it now needed to say, “‘We don’t like DACA and we’re taking responsibility for that,’ instead of trying to put the blame on the law.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEHere's what I want to see from Phase 4 of the MCU now that Endgame is over. I met Mr. So the next morning. He has a shy, boyish face, delicate features and a mat of hair like a K-pop idol. The first thing I did was give him a big hug. His shoulders felt too small for the large burden he was carrying. I don’t mean just the burden of litigation; I mean the burden of being young in Hong Kong these days and daring to stand up or speak out. Young people are targeted, stalked and at risk of physical attack. Even secondary-school students in uniform have been stopped on their way to school, searched and harassed by the police.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYBut Sexton’s three-point play and layup cut Cleveland’s deficit to 113-109. After Knox followed with two free throws, the Cavaliers scored the next 12 points. Dismissing her mother’s withering remark, Colette continues with a certain self-satisfied musing instead. “Where did I get my violent passion for rustic wedding breakfasts? What ancestor bequeathed to me, via my frugal parents, a positively religious fervor for rabbit stew, leg of mutton with garlic, soft-boiled eggs in red wine sauce?”

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Mr. Trudeau strongly denies that anything inappropriate took place, saying he pushed for a monetary penalty because the loss of government work due to a criminal conviction would jeopardize thousands of Canadian jobs. He has not apologized. Yet Mr. Levitsky can be shy in offering solutions to the crisis he sees.

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Another Pew study found that Americans with Hispanic ancestry are less likely to identify as Hispanic as generations go on. By the third generation, the share that self-identifies as Hispanic falls to 77 percent. “Anyone have any nasal spray?” I asked. “Afrin specifically?” Afrin is basically neosynephrine, a potent vasoconstrictor, and would be ideal to put on a tissue stuffed deeply in the nose.

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Sergio Romo got off to a good start in his second inning of work by retiring Edwin Encarnacion on a grounder to third, but then he began to unravel. Cameron Maybin hit a 348-foot homer to left, and Gleyber Torres doubled before stealing third with no throw. Gary Sanchez walked and Manager Rocco Baldelli had seen enough, pulling his veteran reliever for Trevor May, who promptly allowed a run-scoring single to Didi Gregorius. May then struck out both Gio Urshela and D.J. LeMahieu to end the half-inning. “The I.L.W.U. is one of the few blue-collar unions that have really maintained themselves,” Professor Lichtenstein said. The union has some 38,000 members in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

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And Gio Russonello captures the Art Ensemble of Chicago at 50. One of the children was in surgery on Saturday afternoon, the police said, adding that they were waiting to identify the victims to give the family time to process their deaths.

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