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300 Click for offerMr. Sievert had been waiting in the wings. A provision in his employment agreement guaranteed that he would be paid as much as million if there was a change in leadership at T-Mobile and the job did not go to him. Mr. Roberts (left), 44, is a political scientist at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in Santa Monica, Calif. He is an associate professor at Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs in Arlington, and the author of “Disasters and the American State: How Politicians, Bureaucrats, and the Public Prepare for the Unexpected.” (Cambridge University Press, 2016). He graduated cum laude from the University of Dallas, received a master’s degree in political philosophy from Claremont Graduate University in California and a doctoral degree in government from the University of Virginia.

Mr. Vettori said he vowed not to take off the wrist band for admission to the series until he had created an environment that would lead people to take action on behalf of the earth. (He is still wearing it.) Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe best online tax software for 2019 compared: Turbo Tax, H&R Block and many more The average bond fund rose 1.8 percent in the third quarter, led by an 8.5 percent gain for specialists in long-term government issues.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIt's not great timing for the telco, which announced a splashy new deal offering unlimited mobile data just hours before the outage began.  And impeachment investigators leveled new demands of the State Department, requesting access to a relatively narrow set of communications, notes and memorandums related to Ukraine that could bolster damning witness testimony. Among the documents in question are summaries of key executive branch meetings, and diplomatic cables about Mr. Trump’s decision to freeze 1 million in security assistance for Ukraine.

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Why Sexually Transmitted Infections Can’t Shake Their Stigma In the 2016 presidential election, only a little more than half of the students on my campus voted. A lot of my friends chose not to vote either because of a general lack of interest in politics or because they didn’t support either of the candidates.

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Memorials never feel like enough to the grief-stricken — never big enough or grand enough to commemorate the people we lose. Technology may get us closer, replicating faces and voices with alarming accuracy, but it will inevitably fall short. ‘I Don’t Really Have Any Proof’Mr. Boyer, 49, a former construction worker whose rented trailer in Paradise was destroyed in the Camp Fire, spent the first week afterward in a tent city outside the Walmart in Chico, a nearby town. For the next 10 months, he shuffled among an organic farm, a refugee camp at the county fairgrounds and encampments along rural highways.

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According to the Mueller report, what are two examples of times the president denounced the news media even though White House officials knew the news stories were accurate? Impossible Foods is aiming to expand to other plant-based products, like fishless fish, and make inroads in China. At times, however, the company has struggled to make the transition from start-up to major company. Over the summer, it was unable to meet the rising demand for its patties, leading to shortages at restaurants and forcing staff members to work 12-hour shifts to keep the company’s production facility in Oakland, Calif., running.

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The fifth season of "Silicon Valley" premiered Sunday night, with cast members Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr and Thomas Middleditch returning, but no T.J. Miller. “Who benefits?” asked Katharine J. Mach, a professor at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the paper’s lead author. “There is a real potential for our responses in a changing climate to make the fat cats fatter, so to speak.”

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