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300 Click for offer1. While the golf cart-size Opportunity “lived” for over 14 years, how long was it originally expected to last? How long did its twin, Spirit, operate for? Congress has been eager to get answers straight from the company's leadership. But the Senate committee had been preparing for Google's decision to skip out. On Tuesday, Warner publicly called out Google one more time in a tweet:

Mr. Desarthis was smitten by marionettes as a boy, inspired by his father, Robert, a former toy seller and clown who built Paris’s first stand-alone puppet theater in 1933. Back then, the Luxembourg Gardens, owned by the French Senate, swarmed with three times as many visitors as today. In the movie, Chase plays a reporter who keeps taking on new identities as he investigates a murder plot. Chase told Entertainment Weekly in 2004 that the film was his favorite thanks to all the comedy improv it allowed him to do.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEAnd if you’re a woman or a person of color, you may not immediately notice that hardly any of the movies or filmmakers in these collections speak directly to your existence, because the erasure is so deeply woven into the fabric of pop culture that it seems unremarkable. You’re just reveling in your obsession. Since the set is meant for early education, the bricks can't be re-programmed. But children can pick up and place the colored bricks in front of the train as it choo-choos along the track, essentially altering what it does as it passes.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYAfter detailing the credentials of those assistants to explain why he hired them, Pearl, 59, will concede that it is fair to question his judgment. That's an insane deal. The drive normally runs 0. Now, it's mechanical, and therefore nowhere near as fast as the Samsung T5. It's also a bit larger and about five times heavier (though still just 8 ounces).

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As a result, “our kids were being criminalized,” Dadzie said in a phone interview, “steered into a life of petty crime and unemployment.” Among my favorite things on display was a 250cc Grand Prix bike from the 1950s which was started via bump-starter and revved in a manor that totally belied it's value. I was also a huge fan of the collection of Vincent motorcycles on display. Vincent motorcycles are among the world's most valuable and most beautiful. They packed powerful 1,000cc V-twin engines in an era when most had single-cylinders and as such set a number of speed records at places like Bonneville.

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Those still using an iPhone 5 will want to update their software to keep using their phones.  Battlefield V just got a juicy new trailer to get first-person-shooter fans excited.

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“The increased violence in indigenous territories is a direct reflection of their hate speech, as well as their measures against Indigenous peoples in Brazil,” they said in a statement posted on their website on Saturday. “Our lands are being invaded, our leaders murdered, attacked and criminalized, and the Brazilian state is abandoning Indigenous peoples to their fate with the ongoing dismantling of environmental and indigenous policies.” Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations -- erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves -- with everyday tech. Here's what happens.

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Between the confetti and the clean-up costs, the parades can be expensive. The de Blasio administration estimated that the 2015 parade honoring the World Cup winners cost the city nearly .5 million, with another 0,000 coming from private sponsors. Blockchain Decoded: CNET looks at the tech powering bitcoin -- and soon, too, a myriad services that will change your life.

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