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300 Click for offerOver dinner at an upscale restaurant near campus, Thomas M. Keck, a professor at Syracuse who studies the history of the Supreme Court in previously divisive times — it changed size seven times during 19th century partisan warfare — said he thought drastic measures might be needed. He floated some options, like term limits for new justices and keeping open the possibility of expanding the court’s size. In an interview, Mr. McNab said he “intended this to be a communicative act” and he had decided to keep walking to draw attention to how students of color seemed to be asked to show their IDs more often than white students.

He served two years in the Marine Corps. Because he had legal training, he was assigned to defend accused Marines in court-martial cases. (He later earned the rank of captain in the Marine Reserves.) After mustering out, he attended the Georgetown University School of Law and received his juris doctor in 1956. Now, Anders, 21, is the best in the world, the international volleyball federation’s Most Outstanding Player for 2018. He and his playing partner, Christian Sorum, are called the Beach Volley Vikings. Anders told me that as a child he was bothered by having to wait to compete elsewhere against other young players.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“We can try to maintain the quality of the environment,” Mr. Chamie said. “But we have to change our mind-set regarding how the economy moves.” That’s when I created Theory. Originally, I wanted to use only fabrics with Lycra, because you could dress them up or dress them down. You could travel in them, you could travel with them. They didn’t wrinkle.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIf you're looking at to buy a six- or seven-figure supercar or hypercar, you probably know what you want, but we're going to cover some basics all the same. These cars are the cream of the performance crop, blending ultrahigh-horsepower powertrains with sticky, oversized rubber and massive brakes -- often carbon ceramic instead of traditional steel. In this realm, manual transmissions are rare -- paddle-shift, dual-clutch transmissions with high gear counts are the new norm. Interestingly, convertible hypercars -- think of them as a rung above supercars -- are the only niche in which you can find a hybrid powertrain. There is no permanent technological solution to hacking, data manipulation and, soon, deep fakes — like climate change, this is a problem we have to manage. Ultimately, we will need a mix of technology, political agreements and retaliatory responses that establish that attacks are not cost-free.

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TRUMP: Very good. We had a busy day. Because of an editing error, an article last Saturday referred incorrectly to Jesus’s background. While he lived in an area that later came to be known as Palestine, Jesus was a Jew who was born in Bethlehem.

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Well, not quite complete. The case, the time-setting button and the metal insert for the strap were all 3-D printed; the dial, hands, strap and movement were not. Now that I’ve sung in all the major opera houses and been recognized all over the world, I can allow myself to step out and communicate again in a more popular musical language, meaning with a pop song rather than an opera aria.

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The camp commander, “a little Saxon colonel,” had lent him a typewriter to use. Armed with cleaning supplies and dodging his father’s employers, Lukanga recalled one thought that stuck with him: The curse of poverty ends with me.

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Reserve capacity: No, this isn't some secret reserve of charge you can tap into when your car is dead. Reserve capacity is just another way of measuring the battery's single reservoir of charge, in this case how many minutes it can deliver 25 amps of 12-volt DC power at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't sweat it, everyone just goes by the CCA number. For months, his will-he-or-won’t-he-but-he-probably-will routine has hovered over the race like a low-flying aircraft: There was little doubt where it was headed, but it seemed worth keeping an eye on just in case.

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