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300 Click for offer10:24 a.m. If you see something fluffy and white-ish on the surface of Mars and it's casting a shadow, it's probably a dust devil. That's the conclusion the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's HiRise camera team reached when they spotted just that in a Mars snapshot.

Electrolux's Cookview oven has a camera in the door handle.  With the 2020 US elections approaching, Dorsey said that Twitter will work on a number of fronts: identifying forms of misinformation and manipulation, ensuring transparency around who's posting what and challenging suspicious behavior.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe book’s greatest strength is its scope. Lovell traveled widely, used archives and conducted interviews in many countries and synthesized the work of scholars in the growing field of global Cold War studies. She demonstrates how Maoism was more than an amorphous idea, but a strategy pushed by China. It trained revolutionary leaders inside China, sent advisers abroad and delivered material support, from weapons to the black pajama-type uniforms of the Khmer Rouge — even portraits of Pol Pot. These are big, hefty chapters, making the book an indispensable guide to this vast movement. First, it's important to understand that LED lights typically don't "burn out," the way that incandescents do. Instead, they undergo "lumen depreciation," which just means that they gradually grow dimmer and dimmer over a very long period of time. The test that the IES uses to determine a bulb's longevity is known as the LM80, and it calculates how long it will take for an LED to fade enough for you to notice it.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYWinstead said she quit smoking cigarettes using a grape mint flavor, but her most popular recipe is her strawberry coconut milk. She sells the recipes to her e-juices overseas for between 0 and ,500, depending on the size of the manufacturer buying them. You can become a Forward member by simply signing up online and choosing your preferred location. There are currently seven Forward locations throughout California and New York, with an eighth opening later this year in Washington, D.C.

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About 160,000 people will have marijuana convictions cleared from their records in New York, said a spokeswoman for the State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Of those people, 10,872 in New York City and 13,537 in the rest of the state will no longer have criminal records in the state because they don’t have any other convictions. Game to Grow has a waitlist. The company picks groups by hand while looking for the best fit for each child, so when there's an appropriate opening, a child can find a group within a week. The company itself is growing and now has employees to help facilitate groups, but you need to be in the Seattle area to participate and demand is growing.

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Cookie Monster takes his chances in Westworld. Security researchers have discovered a slew of vulnerabilities affecting 4G hotspots from ZTE, and the company hasn't provided fixes for all of the affected devices. The security flaws could allow a potential hacker to redirect traffic from the hotspot to other malicious websites, researchers said. 

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Is there anything you think we’re missing? Anything you want to see more of? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at onpolitics@nytimes.com. Establishing how sunspots evolve is a critical aspect for scientists to predict how the sun might swing from low activity to high. The terminator events seem to tie together with a whole range of other measures of solar activity, too.

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Milwaukee closed the third quarter with a 17-3 run, taking a 10-point lead into the fourth after the Pistons had led much of the way. Detroit set an N.B.A. record with its 14th consecutive playoff loss, a skid that began in 2008. The truth is, there isn't that much to sweat.

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