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300 Click for offerAnd Finally …This week, Tejal Rao, The Times’s California restaurant critic, takes us to yet another desert destination — this one culinary: To Bosch's credit, the fridges look terrific, and as an American appliances journalist, I can't help but feel jealous. In the US, appliance manufacturers tend to be much more conservative when it comes to color, sticking instead to proven stalwarts like stainless steel, or whatever new shade of grey the product team thinks it can sell consumers on in a given month.

The new capability should bring Alexa one step closer to becoming a more human-like assistant, allowing it to integrate more easily with people and helping Amazon make its assistant more of a must-have for customers. Google and Apple, too, have been working on making their assistants more conversational. That's exactly the promise of SafeCore, by a company called Amionx. The tiny California firm claims it's created a lithium-ion battery that won't catch fire even if crushed, shot or otherwise breached.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“This is our bigger vision,” Mr. Damari said. SpaceIL would build the first Israeli spaceship to travel far from Earth, but for today’s students, “It's their job to build the next one,” he said. He noted that the plan will be put to a debate among EU commissioners and any proposal requires support from the 28 national governments and MEPs to become law.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHake settles in with a grumpy Dane who runs a hotel, hardly worthy of the name, called the Rotten Egg. Meals are served by the Dane’s spectral children, who recall — to Louie and to us — the malevolent bairns in “The Turn of the Screw.” Here Leithauser’s prose becomes giddy and lustrous: from his descriptions of the microscopic diamonds Louie perceives in his toothpaste to the disturbing erotic drawings he finds hidden in the pages of a book and finally, soaringly, to the miraculous blues and whites of the landscape of ice that surrounds him. Hyper, a Sanho product line specializing in accessories that fill gaps in an Apple-centric digital life, on Monday announced the new HyperJuice portable USB-C battery that packs a whopping 100 watt-hour capacity. For comparison, the current 15-inch MacBook Pro has a 83.6-watt-hour battery.

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This was an “honor walk” for a dying patient about to donate her organs to others. Cutest projector ever? It might just be.

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The Golden State Warriors of the N.B.A. suggested they were unsure about a White House visit after their last championship, then had their invitation rescinded. Many of the team’s players have been openly critical of the president. But on Monday, Google's Duo just got one step closer with official support for Apple's iPad, on top of previous support for iPhones and Android devices.

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Soon he will lose his job, yet another casualty of advancing technology. This high-tech replica can be calibrated to re-create the reef's temperatures, pH levels and pollution patterns, based on 20 years of data from the real reef. Sunlight levels are precisely mimicked using LED lights; temperatures are controlled down to 0.1 degree Celsius; scientists have even programmed this "SeaSim" to replicate conditions expected in the year 2100.

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[Get On Politics delivered to your inbox.] Each product will connect to the Hue Bridge that plugs into your router to keep them connected with your smartphone, and they each come bundled with the same wireless, wall-mountable remote that you'll find in the Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit. It's also safe to assume that, like the rest of the Philips Hue ecosystem, the fixtures will work with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant for voice-activated lighting changes.

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