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300 Click for offerDarvish, who signed a six-year, 6 million contract before last season, believes he can pitch like that again — or maybe even better. After two sharp innings against the Chicago White Sox on Sunday, Darvish declared, “I’m the best right now in my career.” “The Daily” is made by Theo Balcomb, Andy Mills, Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Annie Brown, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Wendy Dorr, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Alexandra Leigh Young, Jonathan Wolfe, Lisa Chow, Eric Krupke, Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg, Adizah Eghan, Kelly Prime, Julia Longoria, Sindhu Gnanasambandan, Jazmín Aguilera, M.J. Davis Lin and Dan Powell. Our theme music is by Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk of Wonderly. Special thanks to Sam Dolnick, Mikayla Bouchard, Stella Tan and Julia Simon.

In other words, YMMV. The ship, which has a crew of more than 5,000, also experienced the suicide in July of another sailor, Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Robert John Bartulewicz III, and the death of a sailor in August who was shot by Navy security forces in August after a high-speed chase on base.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKETo calculate the Oklahoma award, Judge Balkman relied on the state’s detailed estimates of what it would cost to remediate the effects of the opioid epidemic. The state said it would need 3 million a year, or about billion over 20 years. “These beautiful things that were left for our own personal closure are touching people that never met her,” said Ms. Farrell. “It humanizes her to have people understand the weight of the beauty that was lost that day.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHe exaggerated when he said that European nations are not contributing aid to Ukraine. (They do contribute.) Fernandez’s manager, Agustin Segreti, has helped him land several sponsorships in his home province of Córdoba in central Argentina. The sponsorships are important for earning opportunities to play Grand Slam tournaments, with draws limited to eight players.

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In October, Disney and Verizon announced a deal that gives a free year of Disney Plus starting on launch day to all of the carrier's customers with a 4G LTE or 5G unlimited account, as well as new customers of Verizon's Fios and 5G home internet services. Those who prepurchased a Disney Plus plan such as the now-expired three-year discounted subscription deal can stack their one free year on top of it, according to a Verizon FAQ.   Chuck BellTrinity, Fla.

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After EU member states themselves accept the text of the directive, it will take effect after publication in the official journal and member states will have two years to implement it. Third, the whistle-blower complaint came after Trump and his associates hounded Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to undertake a corruption investigation involving Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The Ukrainian summary of a July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelensky included this cryptic sentence: “Donald Trump is convinced that the new Ukrainian government will be able to quickly improve image of Ukraine, complete investigation of corruption cases, which inhibited the interaction between Ukraine and the USA.” The Wall Street Journal reports that in that phone call, Trump pressed Zelensky about eight times to work with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to investigate the Bidens.

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But London and Washington have expressed concern that their defense contractors will be shut out of such projects, since the program specifies that third parties may only “exceptionally participate.” Another commonly prescribed medication, pilocarpine to counter oral and ocular dryness, has to be taken initially four times a day, but it caused extensive sweating and fluid retention, so Ms. Divinagracia requested switching to another drug, cevimeline, which is taken three times a day and also helps with vaginal dryness. Plus she uses eye drops to stimulate tear production.

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Julie Evelyn Joyce, a 36-year-old Canadian who writes romance novels, said that when the dating feature first launched, she thought Facebook would do something "innovative." She's already on the social network so on the plus side she didn't have to download a new app.  The treatment is a type of immunotherapy known as CAR-T, which has proved life-changing for some patients with blood cancers. CAR-T relies on engineered white blood cells — T cells — that seek out and destroy malignant cells in the body.

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