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300 Click for offerJan. 29, 2019: US hammers Huawei with 23 indictments for alleged trade secret theft and fraud.

Titan, the second largest moon in the solar system, is literally shrouded in mystery. A thick layer of hazy methane clouds obscure the moon's surface and prevents an in-depth look at its important geological features. Even so, scientists have been able to peer through the clouds, thanks to some enterprising work by the Cassini probe, and they found Titan's surface is composed of huge "phantom" methane lakes. The spacecraft orbited Saturn between 2004 and 2017 and zipped past Titan more than 120 times. 


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy vacuum does its job without a filter -- and maintains suction over the long haul because of it. It's great with fine particles and bested the competition at deep cleaning. Our only beef is that it's too pricey -- and Best Buy has taken care of that. This is a steal. Read our Dyson Cinetic review.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY"Our CDN (content delivery network) was unable to reach our servers," Reddit.com said.

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Researchers with the University of York in the UK and Kyoto University in Japan discovered that hyper-realistic silicone masks made to mimic everything from freckles to wrinkles to hair can trick us into thinking they are real people. 

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Huawei initially showed off the Mate X at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February where the foldable phone became an instant challenger to Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Rather than opening like a book to reveal a larger screen on the inside, as the Fold does, the Mate X has a wraparound outside display that's accessible even when the phone is closed.

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Madrigal's job of fulfilling digital shoppers' demands will get tougher this holiday season, with the two biggest names in retail, Amazon and Walmart, both diving headlong into one-day online delivery. Walmart's service is free for orders over and Amazon's comes at no additional costs for its Prime members, who pay 9 annually.

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One of my favorite features, besides the shoulder straps, is the zippered pocket compartments at the base of each strap. The right side has a charging cable pass-through so you can keep a power bank in there to charge your cell phone while you're wearing the stylish bag.  See it on Incase.

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